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Lemaro Precision Machining Ltd

Lemaro is a machine shop engineering company specialising in machining of different materials, powder coating, sheet metal fabrications, manufacturing street furniture and steel structures for construction industry. We deliver small, short term deliveries and larger quantities  from sketches, samples or technical drawings.

Lemaro CNC Machining

all types of material, e.g. steel, brass, aluminium, nylons
Lemaro Precision Machines Special purpose machines
e.g. punching sheet metal and extrusion machines, clean air conveyor systems
Lemaro Picture 7 Tooling for
special purpose machines
Architectural and decorative metal
Lemaro lamp  Sheet metal and other fabrications Lemaro Precision Machining Sheet Metal Aerospace components Lemaro Precision Machining Aerospace Components
Lemaro Precision Machining Door Handles Shop fittings

e.g. door handles, jigs, fixtures
Lemaro Precision Machining Barrier Powder Coating
to highest standards
Lemaro Precision Machining Bollards Barriers and
Street Furniture

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